Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What are Words?

Words can be cheap, broken promises, 
Words can kill and slice your heart to pieces 
Words can make you feel loved and accepted 
and the soul be moved. 

Love can be spoken in many ways,
Love can dissolved through hurting words
Love can blind or open one's eyes
Love is complicated but 

Only time will tell what our love is made of
Only actions can speak louder than words
Only a patient and a kind love will sustain
All trials and shortcomings....reality reveals.

I only came to know Chris Medina is one of the American Idol contestant through this song as I decided to post here. I saw his audition along with the moving story of him and the fiancee.Tragedy tests his heart and he makes his decision.
Everyone has a story and you can watch his in this AUDITION (American Idol 10)

What Are Words by Chris Medina


jamiey writes said...

thanks for sharing, sue. we ought to love the way as God loves us :D

Sue said...

Yup, ur rite, Jamiey. We gotta learn from the best Expert from above.
Thanks for dropping in my blog :)

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