Friday, January 7, 2011

Fashion Galore

How's your shopping for the new year? A change in style, spicing up with bling blings and a big hairdo? I find myself shopping smart for the new year, no longer do I stacked my shoe rack with shoes that I don't really want to wear, I look for good bargains and don't mind waiting for it and I try to have a variety and avoid redundant clothings. Nevertheless my impulsiveness do get into my system once awhile but I'm proud to say so far it was all worth it! Also recently I just cleared out my whole wardrobe, putting them in different categories like:

A: love to wear 
B: just in case I grow bigger?
C: barely touch but love them
D: time to share

The category D were then packed up and shared with those who need a little giving, I believe it will go into good hands.It's truly great blessing to give.

Occasionally we do have to pay for quality goods and you might want to look into the worth of what you pay for. As some of you know, I have an online boutique called Flamingo Flair and we do try my best to price the clothings as what it's worth as well as not overcharging the customers. Recently we had goods from Australia and pre loved branded goods priced at half its original price and I can assure you its high quality stuff.Well,everyone has their unique way of shopping, even the men! Some are so practical, they spend less than half hour in a shopping mall looking for the top they need, some search high and low for the perfect bargain or the perfect match(to their body ofcourse) ,some are just impulsive shoppers, the rest are window shoppers.

How much are you willing to spend for the clothings that suits your taste? What are your criteria in buying a dress, a blouse, pants, skirt etc?

If it might tickle your interest in fashion, do hop on to my Flamingo Flair and if you like branded stuff, try the pre-loved-mode!

Happy shopping!!

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