Thursday, June 12, 2014

Go-Girl (Don't Take Life Sitting Down)

"Ladies, don't you sometimes wish you could pee while standing?"

When no clean toilets are available or if you are in the middle of nowhere and the thought of squatting in unknown bushes scares the pants out of you, what would you wish you had in your bag that might save your day?

Fret no more, Go-Girl has arrived to save the day. It is a US product that recently entered Malaysia via My Avenue as a distributer.

Go-Girl (FUD or Female Urination Device) gives a lady a convenient way to avoid the common discomforts of some dirty public toilets and to do the necessary in peace. Like a man in short.

Here's my Go Girl

 Easy as 1 2 3:

1. Unnecessary details aside and cutting down to the chase, I went to the loo and held it against the 'wee wee' part of my body and with my hand (dominant one) holding it like I hold a golf club. My thumb facing up. Basically, securing the top and bottom cover is the most important thing to avoid leaks.

2. Aim and let it flow. No leakage problems nor messy encounter.  The material (medical grade silicon ) is strong yet flexible.

3. Rinse with water and mild soap, left it open to dry then I wrapped it within 2 tissue papers and finally,  I kept it in the baggie provided.

Go to My Avenue / My Avenue FB page to purchase one and have a try.
Great as gifts too.

Pros: Easy to use and handy in times of 'need'. No more half squatting over the toilet bowl nor put up with environments you can't stand.

Cons: A little expensive if were to throw after one use or a few uses.

Have a look at this interview:

Now you can stand to 'pee' without withstanding the 'eek' - Grace speaks.

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