Thursday, October 4, 2012

Alfred Ho - The Gifted Performer

I had the privilege of meeting Alfred Ho and wife Rufina, a lovely friendly couple indeed. My parents and Uncle Alfred goes way back even before I was born.  Lots of  laughter and chatter for the old friends getting together.  I went back thinking how it must be like for him to memorize all his songs and play the guitar as he is unable to read because of his sight impairment.  It must be a challenge living with the routine of life and I'm truly encouraged by his positive, humored nature that lights up the atmosphere.

His forte is singing songs from the 50s-70s and playing the guitar and he shared that he can play for hours eg. 4 hours straight because he is so at ease when he is playing. Imagine being blind since he was 3 years old, and after learning how to play the guitar on his own at  12, he is able to memorize hundreds of songs and by now probably thousands?( that I have to ask him.) It's amazing, he is a natural born performer. Currently he is based in Kuala Lumpur and he plays gigs at company functions, birthdays, the pubs, wedding receptions and others. I want to give my hat off to him, literally if I may :)

Watch his live performance, subscribe to his Youtube Channel - Alfred Ho

National Council For The Blind, Malaysia-Alfred Ho could't have written a better biography of Uncle Alfred, even I learned so much more about him through their write up.

Alfred Ho with Teresa Kok, MP for Seputeh and Adun for Kinrara, Selangor. From Teresa Kok's Blog[/caption]

Find out more at the links below:

Alfred Ho's Music Website

Alfred Ho Personal Blog

This was taken from one of his website and if you would like to engage him for one of your functions, read below:

"I would love to perform for your audience anywhere in Malaysia as I have a vast experience entertaining guests at company conventions, clubs, wedding dinners/luncheons, shopping complexes, pubs and at private parties. I think your guests would really enjoy themselves." -Alfred

For further enquiries please contact me by email

or call me at :   House - 0379848560                     
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