Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wong Shuenda & Trinity College London Piano

Wong Shuenda was invited by Trinity College London Piano to speak in this seminar. The topics are on the exam pieces from grade 6 - 8. He played all the pieces skillfully and with that performance zest to it, you just wished your students could just play like him. Well they probably would with much practice and tenacity. He explained on the composer and abit of their history as well as the rudiments of how to play the piece excellently. Its a 9 - 5pm seminar with in between coffee breaks. Boy, do we need those coffees :) The buffet lunch was pretty good as well, read more at My Tasting Out Loud ~ Lunch Buffet at Evergreen Laurel Hotel

my space of taking notes
Wong Shuenda is an established concert pianist and to know more about him, please go the link below:

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