Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Tribute to Whitney Houston

"Really? Whitney Houston gone?" I asked myself when I read a message from my sister about Whitney's death. I couldn't believe what my eyes was reading. I googled to find out more and my heart sank that I no longer will hear Whitney Houston sing anymore. All I will get to hear are replays from the past. I grew up with her songs as a little girl and her voice has always impacted my musical interest. But she is at a better place now and I believe death has ended her suffering here on earth. It's just sad that bad influence and bad decisions had overtaken her life. Succumbing to drugs drains the very life out of her,  but I just want to remember her vibrancy before drugs. Her music and her voice. Her singing is flawless and the projection of her voice is magnificent with such control and poise. The first video is her rendition of Jesus Loves Me and another is a documentation with some interviews with Whitney. I hope we will learn lessons from a her life, good and bad. Then the rest are songs I love from her. I really appreciate her live performances, so natural and effortless like wearing your own skin kind of thing. But abit too many though...hahaha... so I'll just pick a few. I'll list some out too..
* My Love Is Your Love
* When You Believe (with Mariah Carey)
* I Wanna Dance With Somebody
* I Will Always Love You
*  & the list goes on....
Whitney Houston, by far the best singer ever!

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