Saturday, September 24, 2011

Logos Hope

 Goodbye Doulos, hello Logos Hope ! The sister ship of Doulos came for the first time (as far as I know) to Penang around end of August and is leaving in a few days to Port Klang. I visited twice while they were here in Penang. I love books though not as passionate as before,I bought 6 books in two visits. Just love the smell of the pages of the books, causing me to linger longer at the library. The books are reasonable priced and a fair variety of all kinds of books. I am so fortunate to have found some music books, which universities would use for only RM 40. Three books for RM40, which would have cost me a few hundred if I were to buy in other bookshops. So blessed!

I would recommend you to go for the tour of ship to get to know the ship better and to see the different areas of the ship and the mission of this ministry. It is only RM10 per person for a group of  at least 9 people.

Visit the website to know more about them and its schedules.

Who is Alex?

A friendly welcome from the crews
Another happy welcome
History of Logos Hope

The Library
Captures you to be posted at their website, if it chooses you! :P
Yums at the cafe
Great bargains!
The Logos Hope

Look how big it is!

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