Tuesday, June 7, 2011

iOS 5 & Honeycomb 3.0

A new revolution to the tablet operating system and the winner currently(my choice) is to Apple. There is something about Apple products that gives a distinguish and chic feel to any user. It's latest and soon arriving iOS 5 is an eye popper. Look at the features and it seems almost perfect. Android OS Honeycomb is not far behind in it's features and is definitely a strong competitor to iOS.
Apple products appears elite as you would not find the iOS in any other cellular brand tablets or smartphones. And there are certain features only the i's can be held in common where others can only look on.
Android OS however is found in numerous brand tablets and smartphones and it is an open source OS. I am not going to go into the technical terms but if you want to know more, visit Android Open Source. The apps are growing and is not slowing down. So look out. Enjoy the advertisement below, let's see who wins your sale! ;)


jamie writes said...

it blew my mind! can't wait to update iOS5 :D

Sue said...

ya supercool..tink i want an Ipad!

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