Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Feet on the Piano

Murmurs, complaints, grumbles, these are the vocabularies we utter when things don't go our way. Sometimes even the slightest extra work we need to do would vex us and we start to grumble to our colleagues or family of how we wish it wouldn't be such a bothersome.

How do you think a boy with no hands does his work everyday let alone play? How frustrated he would be when he needs to wear his clothes or watching his friends play games that he's not able to. The hardships of not having the basic limbs, of not being normal. How he would cry to himself each time he thinks of what he could do if he had hands.

This is what I can imagined but this guy shows me his determination to live a normal life with the limbs he has and to work his dreams against all odds. He plays the piano with his feet. I complained when I have to practice the piano and now I think to myself, I better not complain so much because I could never imagine how I would face life if I'm left with no arms. Oh My!  

Appreciate what we have while we have it. This video is an inspiration and I hope you can share it with you family and friends.

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