Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just 60%


As simple as the name sounds, the taste is also simple but good for the money. I felt the bread part abit thick and the ingredients tasted not too bad, i picked pepperoni beef and cheese and they gave a generous portion of cheese, you can taste it and drip it. This food outlet is located in Gurney Plaza, Penang right on lower ground floor near food court. I have two more food reviews I wanted to put up but this truly is the simplest of the lot with the pictures taken from my faithful old cellphone. So hang on for my other food visits.

This great promotion is from Monday-Friday, you save up to 60%.It's really worth it and two can even share. Look at the picture with the standing advertisement - i took the first one with the 7" pizza, and picked cheese cake and paid for RM0.50 for a glass of water. I'm not into gassy drinks so H20 is the best for me. The advert don't say when this promotion will end or it's forever but its not bad to have a taste of what they have before you go for other ala cartes.


FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Cant wait to see more of your blog posts. Merry Christmas!!!!

: ) said...

Merry Christmas, ya been bz, your foodies are great too. Good day!!

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