Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Snowfly London

"I would show you a better picture of my shoe but at the moment this is the best i can do with my handphone camera."

I love my Snowfly London sandals. I wear it nearly everywhere except for functions or when I need a change. It's better than Crocs and Hush Puppies. It's sold in Jaya Jusco,Queenbay and Parkson, Gurney Plaza Penang.

I love it because it is comfortable yet it elevates me. Well we all want to look abit taller especially asian gals. Apart from that, my feet does not get the sores and I can walk with it for hours, I took it with me for my travels as well.

Each of us have different foot sizes and shapes so I can't say that this will be your favourite shoe brand as it is mine but it is sure worth a try if you are looking for comfort and for walking. And it has other ranges for men too, so its not just about fashion for ladies.

If you wanna know more about selecting the right shoe for your foot hop on to this site:
The Walking Site

Do you know that Snowfly is a leading footwear company in Malaysia? The name originated from London though. I didn't know all of this until I blog on my shoe and read it in the website. Go read more and look at the designs at Snowfly London

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