Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Do I care - not really! by Robin B

Just felt it was interesting as I read from one of the senior blogger below on his views on approval from others. It may be true younger people nowadays do know how to speak up(whether at the right time, thats another story) but there are some who are exceptionally afraid of what others might think of them thus tries to please everyone. Some just want be 'in' so they speak the lingo for it.
We humans are such complicated beings. Don't you think? :)
Oh well.. read on!

Do I care - not really!

When I was younger I used to care what people thought of me. Like most everyone else, I wanted to be liked and accepted. I’ll be turning 62 in another week and one of the things I’ve come to notice as I get older is that I really don’t give a damn anymore what others think of me.
Think for a moment of the people you know. I’ll bet it’s safe to say that the people you know that are seniors are probably more honest and straightforward than your younger friends. And that’s because they have nothing to prove. As a “senior” myself, I have experienced many things in my life and have formed many opinions and I’m not afraid to voice those opinions even if they might offend. Younger people seem to be always concerned that if expressing what’s on their mind it “may be taken the wrong way” or it “may create a wrong impression.” Face it – you can’t please everyone so why worry what impression you’re going to create?
One of the advantages of being older is that you’re allowed (expected) to be “in a mood” a lot of the time. That’s why we have the expression “Grumpy old man!” That’s not to say that I’m necessarily grumpy. In fact, most of the time I’m not. But I admit that I do enjoy stirring the pot a little by intentionally saying things that I know will get a reaction from someone. I may even start doing that here once in awhile so please don’t think I’m just a grumpy old man – it’s just one of life’s little pleasures!that’s the way I see it!


Myhorng said...

posted comments on wrong post (your earlier post).

Sue said...

Myhorng :human thought as complicated as how human body works. it get worst when dealing with relationship.. hehehehe.

Sue: Yes i copied over, your comments as above. Its true, dealing with relationship is hard work.

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