Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wolverine 2013

Wolverine also known as Logan lived a lonely life away from the norm. Unable to sleep in peace every night without a haunting nightmare, one that includes his dead lover Jean. Jean from the X Men. One day he was given a choice of mortality. An old Japanese soldier whom he saved during the Hiroshima bombing seeks him out before his dying breath.

I'm not going to disclose any spoilers but all I can say is , it was pretty predictable as you reach the middle part of the movie. Putting that aside, it was entertaining nevertheless.  Hugh Jackman fits the role so perfectly in spite of his well built physique, somehow he has that 'wolf' look. That sounds nutty eh? Yukio, the adopted Japanese daughter has impressive fighting skills with a bright fashion sense.

This is a fighting scene between the father of the daughter that Wolverine was trying to protect. Some parts have pretty intensified fight scenes.

I like all the X Men and Wolverine movies, in fact I like the comics too. : )

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