Saturday, December 31, 2011

Greyson Chance

I stepped into the house and heard this sensational voice singing and piano playing, It was not like I heard sweet vibratos and rich tone voice but it was impressive enough. I liked how he did his falsettos and he does have a nice tone for his age what more I also heard he does not have any vocal training background. Sensational,I thought it was an adult singing, well above 18 anyway. Little did I know its only a 14 year old boy singing. He is Greyson Chance. Most of you would know him and personally I find his voice better than Justin Bieber. I watched his interview with Ellen DeGeneres and I found him speaking well like a matured adult. He also into acting and recently acted in Raising Hope- click here for a preview. Enjoy watching his version of Alicia Keys's Empire State of Mind below. Superb!

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