Friday, May 24, 2013

Penang Street Art Girls' Walk

Penang may be a small island in this vast earth, it is gaining its popularity among tourist from all over the world for its heritage, diversified culture and among all, a food paradise. My Tasting Out Loud is my food blog is dedicated to explore food around Penang although some of my travels that includes food is in it as well.
Here's some of the pictures we took with the street arts and the things to do while walking in the Penang streets. We took the trishaw because simply its always nice to take the trishaw.

The trishaw uncle I believed over the years became an expert in snapping pictures, he was able to direct and picked angles for you. Kudos Uncle!

A day out in the sun is refreshing, how I wish for more winds. 

To know more about street art, please visit Only Penang Website

Kudos to Ernest Zacharevic for his giving his gift of art to Penang.

Later we went to Mugshot Cafe. And ths is my mugshot!

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