Thursday, October 13, 2011

I-Box Glass Museum

II was intrigued to have a visit the moment I saw a write up on Ibox ~ Museum of Glass in the The Star. A few of us went after a stroll at Pulau Tikus market one fine day, parked right infront of it and I entered with a sense of curiosity wondering what all of it would like ~ glass museum. Though I saw the pictures in The Star, but you never know till you are there yourself. We were greeted by friendly sales ladies and Julia our tour guide for the day took us and explain some of the processes of how the designs are painted on the glass.There are all sorts of different technique of glass art displayed and there is a jewelry section for the ladies, all made of glass. Clocks, signs, ashtray, soap dish, keychain, souvenirs, signage etc are included.
Angry birds on glass too! Click to have a larger view.
We all had a friendly debate on whether the last picture you see above is a horse or a cow. Without a doubt,
I said "Horse lah!",Julia said "Some customers said cow, so it is up to your imagination"
Well I never knew cows had that chin structure and with that hair sticking out at the side,I believe it has to be a horse. I would have asked the designers if they were around to prove myself wrong or to prove myself right. Does it really matter? No. The designs on the glasses are very artistic especially the longest batik painting on glass and that made it to the Malaysia Book of Records. I am always proud to promote the achievements of our very own Malaysians.
Then I met my artist for the day after picking out a glass keychain as a souvenir. Her name is Margaret and look what she did for me. Sweet! We were asked to paint our own if we prefer it but I prefer not. I love to doodle but I rather see how a showroom artist does  her thing.
Julia & Margaret
More information
Madness!Behind the beautiful glass tiles
So full of glass and ahem..

Ibox Design Sdn Bhd
No. 80-0, Jalan Mount Erskine,
Tanjung Tokong,
10470 Penang, Malaysia.

For more detailed information and pictures of their work please visit the link below:
IBox Glass Museum


Meitzeu said...

Oo~ this is nice, Malaysia Book of Records stated down this place. :)

p/s : thanks for dropping by my blog. :)


Sue said...

Thanks for comin by too! Your blog is interesting,your travel pictures are well taken and very clear.

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