Monday, August 3, 2009

Come back, Green Trees

I took this while on the road at the highway in Penang. So sad to see trees being chopped down. I know they are widening the road but talking about going 'green', this definitely does not complement it. One of our source of oxygen has been excavated from the ground and it's so disheartening to see them gone. Well I hope to see some tree planting soon.I LOVE TREES, I LOVE GREENS!


Independent Queen said...

Dont fret! Faster plant something by your apartment balcony or house. Maybe it not as big as those trees, as long as u plant something, it will help with the greens. Start it from your own place 1st =)

Sue said...

I do have plants and a 'Christmas' tree at my place that has grown to 6 feet already.
Trees are slow to grow, so to see it being chopped off....sigh.

Well....plant more!


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