Sunday, August 23, 2009

Combating Phantom Energy

We do not realise that we pay for what we do not use. Even though your electrical appliances and devices like phone chargers and computers are switched off or in the standby mode, it still draws energy and that is the phantom energy. And it will add up and contribute to your electrical bill every month. We can save money and save the environment by eliminating phantom energy.
Here's how:
1. Unplug appliances from the wall socket that is not being used.
2. For convenience sake, plug all devices into a surge protector/power strip and then just unplug that.
BrightHub says:
* In order to save electricity on your home computer, don't use a screensaver!
* Allowing your computer to sleep and hibernate is the most energy efficient method for saving this resource.
* Screensavers use the same electricity as a computer being used, as the screensaver uses both the GPU and CPU on your computer.
* With the monitor on, there is no savings

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