Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Google OS Introduction

Web revolutionary Google makes the day! Open source operating system from Google, I personally didn't expect that yet not a shocker. Google entering the OS market brings about a new competition and edge to the tech world. The new OS technology as I heard is toward the netbooks at this time. Expect more from Google soon as they expand and bring us greater ease in computing and fun with the web.

The look makes me feel like I'm in an Apple Mac environment, very 3D feel with its cool gadgets and its window switcher function. Have a look for your own discretion. Click on Google OS
Its availability has not been extended to all of us yet but be rest assured, it will soon.


wvh said...

Microsoft is declaring 'war' by launching FREE Office Web Apps on 2010

Sue said...

Such competition is good. Benefit the users. Yahoo!

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