Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sweat! Sweat! Sweat!

There is an enormous heat wave here in Malaysia. The haze has not subside and it really has gotten into people's nerves. Each day I search for cooling clothing for work as to cushion my vexation to sweat. Moreover, many are sick and down with flu and coughs so time to boost our vitamins and eat smart! I'm glad the Bio-Spray is doing me well. I have not taken MC since last year. Nothing that i could not handle.

The condition we are facing today is called El-Nino. This is the definition taken from
"El Nino, an abnormal warming of surface ocean waters in the eastern tropical Pacific, is one part of what's called the Southern Oscillation. The Southern Oscillation is the see-saw pattern of reversing surface air pressure between the eastern and western tropical Pacific; when the surface pressure is high in the eastern tropical Pacific it is low in the western tropical Pacific, and vice-versa. Because the ocean warming and pressure reversals are, for the most part, simultaneous, scientists call this phenomenon the El Nino/Southern Oscillation or ENSO for short."

Normal Conditions (Non El Nino)
El Nino Conditions

The dry spell and hotter days are expected to follow us till September. STOP OPEN BURNING - it contributes to the haze and poor children will not get to go outdoors to play.

Alright, less complains and more gratefulness. Have a nice day!

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