Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dr. Fish at Spa

Have you tried giving Dr. Fish a nibble off your delicious feet?
Can you imagine having little creatures nibbling at your all-day smelly feet? Swarming around your feet and eating on your dead cells like they are the most scrumptious food on earth? Well,my tickling first time was at Happy Feet Fish Spa located at New World Park, Penang.

The price of OPENING promotion then was RM 18 for half hour, normal price is at RM 28. The owner whom she referred herself as Yeoh gave us a brief description of what the fish does underneath the water. All they do is eat your dead cells around your feet and after this spa treatment, it will leave your feet smooth and clean. They are called Garra Rufa fish, sounds exotic doesn’t it? It was a fairly new shop then and the fishes are still small. The owner said a visit in the near future and i probably will have the opportunity of choosing which size of the feet-eater i want.
I must say it’s relaxing after you get through the giggling stage, and i find it therapeutic and soothing to the soul. There are two reasons the fishes may not swarm on you unlike what you see in the picture. That’s my feet by the way. Perhaps your feet do not have much dead cells because you scrubbed them often or have regular visits to the pedicurist. The other possibility is you may have tinge of lotion left on your feet and they are repelled by it.

In the picture shown above,you will see the big schools of fish all around my feet, well this goes to show that I have a lot cleaning to do. I was having dead cells attack but by the end of the half hour, all my stubborn dead cells have been literally nibbled away. Lo and behold, my soles are as clean as soap, smooth as baby’s bottom (LOL). My friend who was sitting beside me pinched me so hard to prevent her ticklishness from ‘killing’ her. Ouch! It really hurt. Nevertheless I had loads of fun.
It’s a MUST TRY for everyone if you still haven't tried it. NOW I see those shops everywhere - along gurney drive, Queensbay Mall, Gurney Plaza and i bet KL has alot of it too.Any other parts of the world have a more interesting Dr.Fish? Do Share.

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