Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy World Milk Day

My new discovery of the World Milk Day leaves me in a appalling state when i ran through the papers. Monday (1 June 09) was D-Day and it was all over the Sunday The Star paper on M-I-L-K. I must be out-dated with the world's affair as World Milk Day started in 2001 but I'm not sure when Malaysia participated in this. Any ideas?
I'm a milk lover myself and one of my current favourite milk product is Devondale-product from Australia. Want to know more? - hop on to DEVONDALE

Here in Penang, Malaysia, you can get it at Cold Storage, Gurney Plaza priced at RM6.90. Quality taste comes with a price but nevertheless it is worth its value.Other milk products like Dutch Lady Milk is not of far comparison.

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