Monday, October 11, 2010

Koi Japanese at Gurney Plaza

 I've been there 3 times within less than 2 months, i think? So sink your teeth in on your favourite sushi, drop in to Koi Japanese at 2nd Floor New Wing. Let me introduce to you the person behind this wonderful place, Daisy & her husband who are the owners but he is not present in this picture however the ones who brought the creative daughter in to the world are Mr. & Mrs Lee, parents of Daisy Lee.
Next is the chef, food designer who was telling us about the bentos and his recommended dishes. The picture to his left is the 'sushi maker' - probably not the right term for it :). There are 7 chefs inside the kitchen preparing their best, WOW!

Food is fantastic, I have not enjoyed Japanese food in a long while now and I've tried alot.And the service is superb, comfortable seating, nice view of the G Hotel area if you sit by the window.You've just got to try it to know it. I would love to describe to you the taste but I'm not gonna do that. You've got to taste it yourself to see which suits you.
I've tried more but I can't post it all up and sorry for the poor picture lighting buts thanks to my 8MP W995 for the help that I can get for that day. It was so unfortunate I didn't bring my camera but this will do. Wanna know more go to their facebook Koi Japanese Gurney Plaza Facebook

The Wasabi IceCream is uniquely tasty, don't worry, it wont bite nor burn ya. The salmons are fresh and delicious too and by the way the names in the picture might not be accurate but it gives you the idea.
Thanks Daisy for all the delish recommendations, see ya around!


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