Monday, September 7, 2009

Hai Nam Town, Penang

Recently I went to Hai Nam Town to have dinner with my family. I think this was my 2nd time being there. The food is tasty but wee bit expensive than the normal nyonya food. My favourites out of the dishes you see above are the Assam Prawns, Inche Kabin(fried chicken served with Worcester sauce)and the SpringRolls. I forgot to take a picture of the Joo Hoo Char and that was nice too. The fish(ikan tumis) and the beansprout (Taugeh) dish was moderate to my liking but I know others liked it. For your information, the fish and the assam prawns cost around RM 55. So if one of these days is going to be your first time there, I would recommend the dishes above. The desserts are not to be missed too.
The last time I was there, there were no charges for parking but now they charge RM3.00 per entry which I personally find there is no need for this place.
The Hai Nan Town Restaurant(Hainanese and Nyonya cuisine) is located by the Jetty at Weld Quay,Penang,Malaysia. They have another outlet near Bukit Jambul next to some Nasi Kandar Restaurant. This has much nicer view and you can take short walks nearby the jetty. Beautiful sceneries-something like this one.Just using my phone camera.

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